Cognitive Therapy is fundamentally about change. The first session is all about understanding your difficulties, there will be strategic questions to hypothesise your problems. Sometimes this form of questioning can feel quite strange, however this approach aims to re-frame negative thought processes in to healthier ways of thinking. Also, to simplify things, a pre-assessment questionnaire(s) is done at the start of first appointment, this helps to measure potential symptoms of anxiety and depression.

The second and subsequent sessions will build on the first session and help to impart evidence based skills in addition to measuring change. It will thus, allow the client to begin to understand their problem from a psychological perspective and evaluate how everything connects. Clients can start to implement the techniques discussed during sessions and work with me to help them return back to a tranquil life. All sessions start with an ‘agenda’ (except from a counselling approach, which has no agenda except if the client wills) which is essentially a written or verbal guide between client and therapist that directs the session.

All in all, therapy is about collaboration, determination and belief that helps drive to success.

For more on CBT, please see https://beckinstitute.org