We are responsible for our actions. What happens when people hurt us though? Does the blame still lie with us? You might think YOU are responsible for other's actions. While you might have arguments with someone, does it mean they have a right to hurt you? To mistreat you? Have you been in a situation where someone took advantage of you? Did someone physically, sexually, or verbally hurt you?

You might feel you've been lied to, mistreated, but somehow you take the blame for it all. You think “it's my fault" for everything. You've tried to tell people but they perhaps don't believe you.

Or perhaps you've been hurt in some other way. An accident may have caused you to re-live traumatic experiences again and again. You think you can't go anywhere without having some sort of 'flashbacks'. It's left you miserable.

Your trauma manifests like this:

  • "Why me?"

  • "Nobody gets me"

  • "I'm useless"

  • "No wonder people take advantage of me"

  • "It's always going to be like this for me"

  • "My hurtful memories won't ever go away"

  • You also wake up in the middle of the night, like a video is being replayed.

  • You might self-harm, have thoughts of or attempted suicide.

I help by:

  • Identifying your thoughts that's been troubling you.

  • Using techniques to monitor your symptoms to ensure progress.

  • Acknowledge your trauma, make you feel understood.

  • Work with traumatic memories and explain why they occur.

  • Create a blueprint of your problems and develop the right treatment plan specifically for you, because everyone is unique and different.

  • I know how difficult trauma can be. It's a very sensitive topic. It leaves you feeling drained. Nobody wants to re-live their negative experiences over and over again. 

Psychological therapy works by identifying the thoughts, behaviours, emotions and physiology that causes trauma and is an evidence-based technique to successfully treat traumatic symptoms and related disorders. It helps explain the rationale of repeated memories and how to by-pass them. Mindfulness, compassion-focused and acceptance therapies are also used to teach relevant breathing techniques and work on emotional resilience. I've worked with such people and I know the challenges involved. I will do all I can to help you. Why not get in touch to take charge again. Book now to get started.