For therapy purposes, only essential information (name, contact, billing, your reasons for therapy) will be collected (for optional data, see below) and you will have all access to it and know what’s being used and why. Your information is never disclosed to any third-party (unless you are at serious risk of harm to yourself) and will be destroyed after a given time period.

Your data such as IP address, geography (which country you are from) is logged to help improve this website and overall, my therapy service. No one is personally identified in this way. If individuals wish to opt-out of analytics data (mentioned above), they can do so by changing the following things (non-exhaustive list):

  • Use private/incognito mode for web browsers on mobile and desktop

  • Clear cookies on web browser on desktop or block cookies on mobile (website may not work correctly then).

For psychological therapy purposes, it may be possible that certain rudimentary data be kept of you regarding your sessions i.e. basic client notes, but your personal information such as date of birth, name, number, address will be erased/anonymised.