What is Change?

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

How counselling affects life transitions


[ cheynj ]


the act or fact of changing; fact of being changed.

a transformation or modification; alteration.

Change brings about many different ideas, thoughts, assumptions, but what’s universal is that change happens. In all things. As we speak, the cells of the human body are replenished and repaired whilst others are destroyed and new ones created. Yet we don’t quite feel this happening within us. If we look outside, the seasons change too over time.

So what’s this idea of change? Change can be helpful or not helpful within us, it depends how we define change (like above), however we all more or less have a similar idea of what self-development looks like. Self-development is a form of change, the act of improving oneself, this could be via better financial circumstances, better relationships, positive thinking, the achievement of goals etc., when a person seeks change, there is usually effort required and possibly even the need to learn or read information.

Therapy and Counselling Helps with Change

The change in this blog, relates to one of the psyche, the mind. It reflects the sometimes necessary progress one makes or is required to make in order to have a more fulfilling life. Does a person think of dreading thoughts as something that is needed or something they could do without? Does a person necessarily want to disengage with the world in the aftermath of a trauma? Does a person who has experienced grief decides the pain is not worth overcoming? All these scenarios require some form of change. When sadness overcomes us, it steals a part of our soul, and makes it harder for us to function in everyday life.

How can people make a change?

By accepting there is need for it. How can a person help another if they don’t want change? Other times, a better future is developed by coping with difficulties that aren’t innately produced but exposed via environmental factors. However there are some things people can be rest assured of, after all, these ideas are quite universal:

Always know there is a way out of everything, you need to believe you have the efficacy to overcome whatever life throws at you.

Talk to people if you can, share your pain with them, they can lift you up, you never know what you find.

You are not alone. Ever thought you were the only one experiencing what you are right now? Sometimes believing you are the only one brings more worries and fears than needed. Know that others like you have gone through the same stages and have come out stronger than ever.