Panic is a unique state in which an overwhelming feeling is experienced during onset. While the feeling of panic is extremely scary, it is easier to overcome than you think. 

Does your panic manifest often and do you worry about experiencing the panic attack? You might have tried other methods but it's not worked and you wish to try therapy. You might wonder how well therapy will work? CBT therapy was designed to treat panic and has a high success rate and successful remission. 

If you are still unsure about panic treatment, ask yourself this, where are you when panic happens? Sometimes people get stuck in a difficult situation and feel helpless, this makes them avoidant of specific people and places, eventually limiting quality of life. Does any of this describe you?

Your panic perhaps manifest likes this:

  • "I suffer from lots of heart palpitations, my heart beat really fast during panic episodes"

  • "My mind becomes blank and this makes my panic worse"

  • "I feel sick and don't know what to do to make this feeling go away"

  • "I freeze during panic, the only way to relieve myself is to ride through the pain"

  • "I stopped going to my favourite places because I couldn't risk suffering panic so now I only stick to 'easy' routes and places so I can escape when trouble arises"

  • "My chest and stomach hurt, this last before and after the panic attack as well"

  • "My mind can also be racing and it's hard to think straight"

I help by:


  • Exploring the cause of these thoughts and feelings and why it happens

  • Help you to feel empowered, therapy is about you and your views will be taken seriously

  • Deliver evidence-based techniques to battle anxiety-related symptoms and disorders in any situation

  • Conduct an assessment and use objective data to show your progress over time

  • Create a blueprint of your problems and develop the right treatment plan specifically for you, because everyone is unique and different. I will also describe why you keep feeling down and provide a scientific explanation for your problems

  • Modifying treatment and assess the results throughout the therapy to make sure the right help is being delivered

  • In-depth relapse prevention. A proper plan will be created together so you know all the ways you can self-manage your problems in the future after we end therapy

I know panic can be a common problem and it often underlies other problem areas. It's certainly more treatable than you thought it was.


CBT therapy works by identifying the thoughts, behaviours, emotions and physiology that causes panic and it is one of the best psychotherapies developed to treat such symptoms and related disorders. It helps probably all possible known panic-related issues and disorders.

Mindfulness, compassion-focused and acceptance therapies are also used to teach relevant breathing techniques and work on emotional resilience. So why not get in touch and see how CBT can make you from a worrier to a warrior. Book now to get started.