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Which approach is better, CBT or Counselling?

It’s up to you. Whatever you feel most compelled by. If you feel one of the approaches aren’t quite working for you, you can try the other approach.

Why should I attend therapy privately and not through NHS?


From experience, I can safely say there is a huge difference in the quality of therapy delivered by a public body compared to private. The NHS system generally only allows six sessions whereas I work with you regardless of sessions until you feel better. Although as a therapist, my job is to impart the necessary skills and help in a timely manner.

How many sessions do I need?

Tough one. No specific session timelines exist. It depends on your problem. For chronic/long-term problems, it may take 10+ sessions and for acute issues, between three to six, it all depends on how the therapy progresses.

What about medication prescribed by my GP?

That’s fine. If you are on any medication relating to your mental health, please inform me during session as medication can affect mood and wellbeing in individuals.

Online vs In-Person?

This is your choice. See the section on ‘Online/In-Person’ from the menu.

Confidentiality/Data protection

See the section on ‘Privacy Policy’ from the menu.


Cancellation Policy

Please note, to avoid any difficulties, there will be no change/cancellation of appointments less than 24 hours notice. A ‘no-show’ client will also incur the full session fee. Please contact me to cancel appointment. Thank you for your patience.

Time Zones

Since I am U.K. based, the times may be different or inconvenient for potential worldwide clients, therefore I will try to accommodate those individuals the best I can. The timings are currently a work in progress and will change to suit most people.