People are very resilient to stress, but sometimes it can overwhelm us, from family, friends, work and everything in between. When certain problems have happened too often, the problems can become habitual. This can cause symptoms of low-mood and unfortunately depression related symptoms.

Does this sounds like you? Are you always thinking about how the past has affected you? Do you think nobody wants to be in your life and you have no future? Have you shut away from most people in your life and now you avoid them? Or sometimes you feel your mood is great one day and low the next. Maybe you have been finding ways to cope but it's not worked.

You might be taking medication but you think "will I be on these antidepressants forever?" or "I can't function without my tablets". You've tried self-help books, but it's not gave you the help you wanted. Does any of this describe you? If so, book now or scroll down to find out more.

Your depression/bipolar perhaps manifests like this:

  • "I won't ever get better"

  • “My spouse left me, this means I’m unlovable”

  • “I’m on a high one day and the next it’s as if I’m all burned out”

  • "How do I regulate my mood during high and low episodes"

  • "I'm so fatigued despite being healthy"

  • "I don't feel like doing anything anymore"

  • "It's always going to be like this for me"

  • "There's no hope for the future"

  • You might feel down and still go to work, but you don't tell your colleagues you're suffering. You hide it and smile on the outside

  • Excessive drinking, gambling, sex, drugs or other forms of risky behaviour are prevalent

  • Maybe your family and friends don't know, or maybe they know something's up but they don't know what or how to help

I help you by:

  • Identifying exactly what's been troubling you

  • Empower you and help you to understand why you’re feeling depressed and where it comes from

  • Work collaboratively

  • Assessments to track progress objectively. Clients are always surprised how much this helps them

  • Using CBT techniques to provide you with necessary skills and tool-kits to ease depression/symptoms and ensure progress

  • Simplify the jargon, you're already tired. With me, I make it easy for you

  • Create a blueprint of your problems and develop the right treatment plan specifically for you. I will also describe why you keep feeling down and provide a scientific explanation for your problems.

  • Modifying treatment and assess the results to make sure the right help is being delivered

  • In-depth relapse prevention. A proper plan will be created together so you know all the ways you can self-manage your problems in the future after we end therapy.

I know depression is destructive. It takes a massive toll on your life. It leaves you feeling drained and ‘numb’, you feel like you've climbed the highest mountain, but it's not left you feeling satisfied. When you've learned the idea behind the peaks and troughs, you will become a master at handling them too.

CBT works by identifying the thoughts, behaviours, emotions and physiology that causes depression and it is one of the best known psychotherapies developed to treat depressive symptoms and related disorders.

I treat long-term chronic depression, major depression, bipolar, co-morbid depression etc. Sometimes depression may be present with other issues and this will be assessed too. Mindfulness, compassion-focused and acceptance therapies are also used to teach relevant breathing techniques and work on emotional resilience. It's not about building positivity within you, but looking at the 'reality' of things. When you see things as they are and how to deal with them, your depression will...melt away. So why not get in touch to take charge again. Book now to get started.