Some of us experience a dual-culture, that of our ancestry and that of the place we reside in. With that comes its unique set of challenges. 

Or you're living the multi-cultural life, but you’re struggling with your identity. You think people don't get you, you perhaps want something else but don't know who to talk to.


You think "no, that's not it either". You're maybe struggling with your Islamic faith but the faith leaders you've contacted aren't much help. They deliver cookie cutter answers which leaves you frustrated. You want someone to understand your culture and faith and how to make adjustments in your life. 


While not all cultural norms are the same, if you're from the Indo/Pak subcontinent, Middle East, North Africa, there's lots of similarities in faith and culture. I'm from those regions too but the problem is, there's not many people to talk to about those issues.






Your problem manifests like this:

  • "Why me?"

  • "Nobody gets me"

  • "It's always going to be like this for me"

  • "My parents or family don't get me"

  • "I don't want to get married so soon, but nobody gets it"

  • "I'm struggling with my faith"

I help by:

  • Identifying your thoughts that's been troubling you.

  • Discuss the way faith can be integrated in to your therapy process and how it can help you face your challenges.

  • Acknowledge your unique heritage and look at things from your perspective.

  • Create a blueprint of your problems and help you in the right ways.

  • I've been in many of the same situations, so I can empathise with your problems.



I know how difficult cultural/religious issues can be. It's a very sensitive topic. Psychological therapy works by identifying the thoughts, behaviours, emotions and physiology that causes worry, stress, trauma and depression. As a counselling professional, I allow you to open up if you've been feeling constrained.  Mindfulness, compassion-focused and acceptance therapies are also used to teach relevant breathing techniques and work on emotional resilience.


So why not contact me. Even if you aren't sure about it all, I will do the best I can to help. Book now to get started.