You have many different problems, be it anxiety, pain, sadness, loss of family and friends. You also might have an old wound that doesn’t seem to heal. Imagine if you didn't discuss your worries, how would your life be? Then imagine, If someone said "aha, I get you!", then how much better do you think your life would be? You might wander back and forth for years thinking you don't need therapy, because others didn't. If you're still in distress, why should YOU do the same?


I became a therapist to work with people's deepest problems that otherwise would not have been explored. Most therapists just talk without adding real value, clients may seem great in-session, but outside, they are still left dealing with the same old scenarios. I think different, I teach the right skills that clients can take with them and integrate in their lives without needing another therapist’s help again. That's how people change and it's also how I help people: by working with them with unique, individual ways to build self-worth, confidence and happiness.

I know how you feel.

I have worked with amazing people who were otherwise agonised by the problems they were experiencing that no-one else would and could listen to. There was no help for them but their lives improved for the better. I offer the same help to you, to overcome your troubles.

I know your problems can be managed. Perhaps you're still unsure, but if anything here resonates with you, then it's a strong possibility you're in the right place to be seen and heard. So why not call or e-mail for a short consultation? Know, even if you feel alone with your problem, you're never alone. I am here to help.  


My name is Aamir Hafiz and have qualifications with BSc and MSc in Psychology and a post-graduate diploma in cognitive-behavioural therapy. Furthermore, I have training in counselling, compassion-focused, acceptance and commitment and mindfulness therapies.

I specialise in anxiety, depressive, trauma, cultural (ethnic minorities) related issues and more.

​I have worked with clients and employees in NHS hospital and clinical environments in Glasgow, U.K. seeing people from a range of problems and challenges. I see clients face-to-face in Glasgow mainly from the Southside and West-end but also welcome clients from the East-end and North of the city as I am located in the city centre area. If clients are outside of the Glasgow area, I take appointments via online using Skype or Zoom. This ensures a relatively equal quality of counselling as opposed to face-to-face in the comfort of your own home. When I’m not helping people, I write quirky blogs here and also write for different publishers online, in essence I hope to expand my services far far away. You can also find out more about me by clicking the Harley Therapy and Psychology Today logos. I’m registered with BACP and can be found on the register with the ID number below.




Douglas Street

Glasgow, G2

Scotland, U.K.


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For any queries related to therapy and 5-10 minute chat for suitability of therapy.