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Counselling for Anxiety|Depression|Trauma


There's been difficulties for a while now. You struggle with managing thoughts, there’s perhaps been relationship challenges, stress, trauma and depression also seems ever present, you aren’t sure why. This causes you to feel angry, upset and tired. You think your problems can't go away but what if it could change? How great would your life look? You have the freedom to take charge sooner rather than later.

Imagine if you didn't take action? Imagine if you didn’t try counselling or therapy? You thought "My problems will get better on their own". But as time passes, bit by bit, you realise things haven’t improved.


If the above resonates with you then you're in the right place to seek help. 


Welcome. You’re Here Because You Finally Want Change. 

Areas of Speciality


Anxiety disorders ranging from generalised, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), performance, social, work, family, exams, relationship. Read more

Panic Disorder

Panic manifests for many reasons from work, family, excessive worry or past experiences. Is worry taking control of you? Read more


Depression ranging from chronic, bipolar, short/long term, relationship, family. Let's get you back on track. Read more

Culturally Responsive/Faith Based Therapy

Professional religious and culture based therapy for the BAME community from racial issues to specific cultural norms and dual-culture roles. Read more


Trauma can manifest in many ways. Trauma doesn't just manifest with flashbacks. See if these signs resonate with you. Read more

Here’s what previous clients are saying on Google reviews after completing therapy:

“As a lawyer, I come across some difficult and troubling cases. Aamir has a fantastic way of making you feel comfortable and is very attentive. Highly recommend his services”.

-B. Shabbir

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